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Loeung - An Acoustic Excursion: To listen, click here This is Rath's first self-produced, self-recorded EP project featuring "Tim As A Metaphor" and "Sacrifice/Victory." Acoustic, melodic pop-rock tunes reflect on various aspects of our relationship with our Creator God. "Sacrifice/Victory" stands as a testament of how God has taken care of redeeming all of His creation, including all of us, in the one act of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. "Promise", "Find Rest", and "With You" share the common thread of the dependence, provision, and hope that can only come from knowing God as Father. "Repentance" is an upbeat realization of our need to turn our lives around sometimes to be more in sync with God while "Tim as a Metaphor" is both a prayer and a charge to encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to share how living with Jesus in our lives has blessed us and how it could bless those who are not pursuing Him. To listen to more tracks,purchase this CD, or digitally download, go to www.CDBaby.com/rathloeung

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