Hello friends and lovers of God!  May the Lord bless you as you abide in Him! John 15

I would like to introduce myself and ask for a request please.  My name is Andrew Steeples, and I have lived in Phnum Penh for over 2 years with my wife, and I would like to volunteer with churches in Toul Kork PP to reach out to the impoverished community in a relational ministry.  I want to go with Khmer believers who know English and have a heart for presenting people complete in Christ.    

Please contact me at asteeples@asianhope.org or at +855 786 547

Thank you and have a great day!

In Christ,


Any help, name, numbers, of people who want to witness by "bringing the church" to the people, for those who have a heart for church planting and fulfilling the Great Commission, please contact me!  

Thank you so much, and may the Lord bless you! :)