Cry of the Gecko, A History of Christian Mission in Cambodia

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January 17, 2012
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It is without question that great Kingdom things are happening in Cambodia despite the mistakes we make as God’s missional agents. It is true that God’s strength is made manifest in our weaknesses.  It is in this light that I record the struggles, challenges, mistakes and successes on the journey to bearing witness to the Kingdom of God in Cambodia. Included here is positive and the gritty side as I was urged to tell it like it is by many church leaders of whom I interviewed.

I have been coming into Cambodia since 1990 and lived from 1994 to 2008. I realize that this book it is not without my own personal biases, and it is not a piece of research but more of a collection of stories, biographies, and a record of things that happened of which I was an observer or participant.  I have my own opinions and interpretations which may certainly be challenged. My main perches come from my involvement with the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia, World Vision- Cambodia, the International Christian Fellowship, and being a part of the Christian Community in Cambodia for many years.

This book is not a novel, nor is it a book about my own personal experiences. The Cry of the Gecko is a book that contains a chronological record of events told through the stories and biographies of the shakers and movers of Christian mission in Cambodia. It can be used by individuals, mission pastors, mission organizations, and churches to get an overview of how Evangelical Christian mission developed in Cambodia within a back drop of world hegemony, regional conflict, culture and religion.  This book can be used for:

•  Preparation for long term missionaries and short-terms team training.

•  Discernment processes for churches considering Cambodia.

•  Case Studies for cross-cultural ministry.

•  For individuals who want to know the players and understand how the church in Cambodia has developed over the years.


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Amra . អាំរ៉ា
When will the book available? Can't wait to read it.
Radha Manickam
Brian, when the book available send me a copy, you know where I am.
Brian M. Maher
Should be done next week.
Radha Manickam
Good to hear.
Amra . អាំរ៉ា
Ok...so we could send in for the pre-oder now then. I will send $20 for my copy. Chhan told me he wanted a copy too. I'll let him know and if anyone in the church who would like a copy I will inform them how to order.
Brian M. Maher
That is a roger.
How is the website coming?
Amra . អាំរ៉ា
I haven't got my hand on it yet. I could install WordPress for you quick...but not the template and the look. You have your domain already, maherministry.­org. It should be quick. A mother of a family in Springfield, CT just passed away. I have been witnessing to this family before. I'll be out of...
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