#800080Interpreters and Translators Inc. is a full-service language company that specializes in providing foreign language translation solutions for the oral and written word. Our focus is providing solutions for organizations that face any and all language challenges in the legal, medical, government and corporate sectors.

#800080With our increasingly multicultural society and continued immigration into the U.S., the demand for language services is growing.  Hospitals, law firms, social service agencies, advertising companies, international businesses, schools and other organizations count on ITI for professional interpretation and translation services.   

#800080 size=3We are in need of people who are native Cambodian speakers with good English skills.  We have a family in the Danbury, CT area that is in need of interpreting services.  If you are interested in helping us better serve the Cambodian community please call or email:

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#800080 size=3Payment for your services will be provided.

#800080 size=3Thank you so much for your time and support.