#993366 size=2To All beloveth brothers and sisters in Christ:

#993366 size=2Following a planning meeting this past weekend, the Fellowship leadership has decided to give a final date of CSBF 25th Annual Conference from JUNE 12-15, 2009. 

#993366 size=2Here is some information about the conference for your interest, which the leadership can share with you at this point.  Complete conference information will be sent out to your congregation along with the registration form at a later date.

#993366 size=2Time:  Friday evening, June 12 to Monday, June 15 Noon, 2009

#993366 size=2Place:  The Blessing Field, 4747 Donnan Rd., Macon, Georgia

#993366 size=2Fees:  Ages 12-64:  $80; Ages 65 and older:  $70

#993366 size=2Lodging:  Tents.  Attendants provide their own tents sleeping #993366 size=2supplies.

#993366 size=2Foods:  We provide 8 meals including lots of authentic Khmer foods (along with Chrook Khway, Ko Aang, etc.)

#993366 size=2Theme:  To be announced.

#993366 size=2Program:  Worships, workshops, campfires, recreations, sports and great outdoors, etc.

#993366 size=2Contact your local leader Governing Board of Director:  Seang Yiv.

#993366 size=2In Christ,

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