Choom reap soor! ...

I need help in translating some basic sentences into khmer. i am going to a school in cambodia soon and need to tell them about Jesus.

1. Jesus is real. He is not present in the flesh, but yet He is present with us in the Spirit.

2. He hopes to listen to your prayers so that He can answer it

3. When i was in school, I got into big problem. I was going to be punished heavily for the mistake. I had no one to turn to. I said to Jesus that if He is real, He will help me out of the problem.

4. He answered my prayer and took away the punishment. My parent would normally be very angry at this but they just encourage me not to do it again.

5. He has also heal my mother many times from her knee pain and sharp pain in her stomach

6. He also healed me and a friend of high fevers

7. I want to thank Jesus for helping our family too in hard times that we always have enough food on the table.

8. I pray that you will also make Jesus your helper too. He will supply your needs in difficult times. And provide a way out when there is none.



Get anyone to help your translation yet?