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#800000 size=3Version 2 is now available, you don't need USP10.DLL. It's included (XP).

#800000 size=3Download in our mirror here http://www.khmerchristian.com/download_resources/   Just search by typing "Unicode".

#800000 size=3Install it, restard your computer and it's done.

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Instructions can be found at that site. However, I found that more info is needed; or it maybe just me that I didn't dig enough in reading. So I write some basic recomendations here. It might be helpful to you:

(For Window XP) When you install, the installer will ask for file #800000USP10.DLL. This file is part of the Window's complex Script, to enable the keyboard to be able to write in Khmer.  It can be downloaded here http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_new.php/...
Donwload it first.

After you have installed, be awared of the changes in your typing.  You should see the language selection for typing in the left side of your window bottom bar--EN=English & CA=Catalan.  The complex script for Khmer unicode is fall under Catalan.  Just toggle between to the two, to type English or Khmer. 

The Kheyboard icon should also be shown next to it.  If you are using "Khek brother font" you could toggle between English (United States) and US-Khmer (KheK).  If you don't see the Keyboard icon, you could enable your keyboard icon in the control panel of your window. (If you need help just send me the message at siteadmin ).

For Mac User, you need to read at the Khmer Os info.  I don't have one. If the Lord's willing I'll get MacAir.....lol ... Just "Air" for now. http://www.apple.com/

I have been using Khmer Unicode for serveral year and event enter the Khmer unicode Typing contest for the country wide, Sadly I am not a fasting typing for Khmer unicode yet but I can't tell for now.

If you want to learn how to spell in Khmer or for those in US want to improve your khmer typing and writing skill, I strongly suggest you using Khmer Unicode. It helps me alot with my spell check because when you type Khmer Unicode you need to spell it correct way. it different from typing Limon or ABC or Khek fonts.

Most of my staff at my church using Unicode too and it really nice and eazy to use.


áž˜áž¶áž“ážáŸ’áž˜áŸ‚ážšáž áž»áž“áž˜áž¶áž“áž…áŸ’ážšáž¾á ž“ប្រភេទ  KH - KhmerOS -ហើយ ក្ដារវាយ ក៏មាន ច្រើប្រភេទដែរ សំរាប់ windows 7,vista,xp,67-32bits  ážŸáž„áŸ’ážˆáž¹áž˜ážáž¶áž“áž¹áž„áž¢áž¶áž…ážŠáž¹áž„áž”á ž¶áž“ច្បាស់  ážŸáž¼áž˜áž–áŸ’ážšáŸ‡áž”áŸ’ážšáž‘áž¶áž“áž–ážŠáž›áŸ‹ážá Ÿ’មែរគ្រប់គ្នា