The LORDS HANDS has release me from their protection.

They have allowed me to wander in the lands of darkness.

 My soul troubled, my heart disturbed, painfully I ask.

Why, my LORD, have you ignored my prayers?

Why, FATHER, have YOUR EARS shut to my sorrowful cries?

Is silence YOUR replies to my questions.

Dose my GOD turn HIS MERCY away from me.

I am left to the evil one, whom lye's in wait to destroy me.

They laugh, and grin as they dig their stained claws into my flesh.

Mocking, and cursing my very existence.

They stare into my eye with hatred, wanting to take my vary soul.

Their teeth, grinds my bones, but are unable to take my life.

LORD, why have all these things been allowed?

Is it because I have sinned, that YOU have punished me?

If so, why have not even let the evil one take my life too.

Dose my LORD answers me with silence still?

Why have my FATHER forsaken me?

Why have my GOD forgotten me?


"MY son, now that you have journeyed this far, you should know, how much I love you."

Forgive me FATHER, for it is only now that I understand.

And I thank YOU LORD, for allowing it to be.




"Beauty for Ashes" It is part of the molding process