I just heard the great news that the Khmer Bible is now online for everyone to read for free!  You can view it here: http://www.biblecambodia.org/


The Khmer Standard Version (2005) can be viewed here: http://biblecambodia.org/khsv/

And the Khmer Hammond Version can be viewed here: http://biblecambodia.org/khov54/


Praise God!  And praise God for the service of Maurice Bauhahn in seeing this accomplished!


I'm not sure how widespread this news is (maybe I'm the last to know, but maybe not), so please share with your friends!




Great Nathan,

I heard of the plan of the release since I was in Cambodia this past July. I was waiting for it.

Now, I see the reality. Praise God.  I don't have to type much when I prepare sermon.