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This is the website that has most of the Khmer sermon in mp3. In the menu, click "music / sermon"  and in the genre, you shall see all sermons. Also, if you click all albums you could see music and sermon albums. Use "google chrome", you will be able to download directory from each player. More sermons are being added.  If you register, you will be able to listen more songs that are added by members, in their music profile. (Registration is through invitation only, let me know if you want to sign up, we’ll send you an invitation through your email).

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Protecting your piracy is our priority. As a member, you have your setting what needs to be displayed to other members.

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I. Member: Registered community of cambodianchristian.com is created to connect Cambodian Christians and friends.  All members are encouraged to interact with each others with love and respect. Members will be able to: 1)  Create, edit and share profiles with uploadable photos. Conveniently,       personal account can be requested to be terminated by clicking "cancel membership" in your profile. 2)  Use “messenger” to communicate with desired members. 3)  Create your photo  and  music albums, add video from popular site such as YouTube and Facebook. 4)  And much more. We encourage everyone to use only one user name and be honest in providing user information (only one email will work per user). You may provide enough info for now, and add more later;  it is for the purpose of sharing within our registered community.  Be sure to provide a valid email address (password will be sent  to your email address). We will not disclose your email address to anyone, and it will not be seen by others. We respect your privacy.  II. Behavior  Posting any material which is offensive, abusive, or sexually oriented is not allowed. Again, this is a Christian community, Christian content or decency only.  The violator will receive a warning.  If bad manners continue you will be suspended or banned. III. Service Registration to this community is free and it can be registered through invitation only.

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We are a resource gateway and an online community of Cambodian Christians and friends. Due to political instability in Southeast Asia in the 70’ and 80’, many Cambodians have relocated (diaspora) to many parts of the world. United States, Canada, Australia and Europe, have become their new home. The majority of them became the citizens of the host countries, and generally, English is their main language. Today, many Cambodians are still leaving the country due to intercultural marriage, sponsorships, works provided by some developed countries, and some just go on for higher educations. This site provides many resources related to the Cambodian Christian community, in both national and expatriate settings. Among our friends, thousand of short-term and long term missionaries, pastors, lay persons, NGO personnels, tent makers, and many business owners have networked with Cambodian Christian community as part of life. To keep the site clean and simple, registration is open through invitation only. If you wish to register, contact us by providing your email, and tell us something about you. We will gladly invite you to join our community.    Contact Like what we do, please click "like on our facebook page".    Privacy      Term and Service