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"It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice." Philippians 1:15-18 For those who don't know, Paul is MY dude. I've been teaching sunday school for a while and we've been on Philippians for months now it seems. Every time I read this epistle, I've always got something else to say about it, but I'm not very gifted in articulating my thoughts through speech so I really feel as if my Sunday School class always gets a jumbled mess every time I'm up there speaking. Sorry guys. I’ll try to make up for my incoherence. We often come across passages in the New Testament about false apostles and wolves who come in sheeps' clothing. We get plenty of warnings at church about being misled by “false prophets”, but I think the whole issue of rivalry from within the church gets overlooked. In this passage, Paul has to deal with rival missionaries and preachers who are basically preaching the same Gospel, but are stirring up trouble for Paul, making him look bad, while he is imprisoned.  What does this mean? Growing up I was naïve and believed that all Christians are alike, anybody preaching the gospel is a good.   I forget that whenever you have people, you have to deal with pride &  sinfulness. What happens when, like in Paul’s case, there are others who are Christian & take pride in being Christian, but along the way use their leverage as being a “good” Christian to put others down.  What happens when you have people who use the message of the gospel for their own glorification? ….Hey look at me, I’m so awesome and holy and I do this, this and that. If you’re not doing this, this and that, you’re not a good Christian and you’re not worth as much as I am worth in God’s eyes…  Okay, so maybe people won’t say things like that explicitly. There are rivalries between ministries and churches, and along the way, the gospel might be used & manipulated so that the “competing” ministry, preacher, group, church etc, looks bad. Also, I think this comes down to different theologies and different understandings of how we’re supposed to be.  I used to wonder why we have to have so many different Christian denominations and I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to be separate so we won’t end up arguing over the little things that we don’t agree on. We don’t live in an ideal world and everybody’s take on the gospel is slightly different.  And if you haven’t noticed, I’m a cynic. I don’t care if the guy is standing behind a pulpit or is standing outside at the street corner. If it sounds like self-righteous jibber jabber, standing behind a pulpit pounding on a bible doesn’t give it any more credence, and  having the title as preacher or pastor wouldn’t do much to add to credibility either.  I really commend Paul, he's able to rejoice and be glad that, whatever the motive, the gospel is being preached. This is something that I struggle with.  I can’t get past the person, no matter what message he/she is preaching. umm…yea, incoherence. This is what happens when I write my stream of consciousness. *note to AEC Y.A.'s: Paul says he was put there (in jail) for the defense of the gospel. defense- APOLOGETICS!! exciting stuff *  

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Upon the merger about a few weeks ago, the pastor from the other church that just merged with us. uttered the words "this is a white neighborhood" words spoken towards the youth group and leader which were mostly Asians. He asked them not to perform and preach, which was once a month as it was before the merger and upon the agreement of the merger. He as one person and not of the whole church decided that it was best to just reach only the white community instead of all the people in general. He didn't care whether he loses some of the youth or to loses the youth group as a whole. Upon hearing that I was greatly distressed and said that he was not fit to be a pastor if he sees colors in Christianity and the fact that he didn't care if any children of GOD were to leave the church or not. I also said that he was working against GODs will by willingly forcing the youth group to withdraw from their activities and the church as a whole. I'm kinda confused in how I should associate to him. I know the teachings, turn the other cheek, love thy enemy. It's hard to do when he is a pastor, a foundation of the church. I don't know if I can accept him teaching the words of GOD. Could you enlighten me in your opinion as GODs children upon this matter. Would like to know how you would think in this situation.

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Cambodian New Life Church 2922 Washington Dr.Houston, TX 77038   Cambodian New Life Church is almost completed her new building. The house of God needs your prayer and donation for chairs. If anyone wants to donate, please send check to the above address.   May God bless everyone.   Chamnan    

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Hosea chapter 4 (TEV) 11 The Lord says, "Wine, both old and new, is robbing my people of their senses!"I grew up in a city that undergo many changes. There are new businesses  going up every day.  Some businesses provide positive services, while other just catered to the destruction of society.  In every block of my city there is a liquor store. In every aspect of life, the venom of alcohol have seep into the lives of everyone.  In my lifetime, I have seen  many negative effects that alcohol have on people, christians and non christians alike. Currently, my very own cousin is possessed by this poison. His relationship with me is severed, because he continuously destroy himself and the people around him. It's hard to help people, that choose this path of self-destruction. Definitely, you can see I'm not a fan of alcohol.  I'm not totally against it, but I'm against the abuse of it.  As christian we should not let alcohol or any addictions take hold of our lives. "God is the only water that truly satisfy our thirst."I just hope you agree with me that alcohol is bad.  Please don't get fool by the glamor and illusions of alcohol.  If you don't believe me that alcohol is bad for you, check out this link.  http://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/aa63/aa63.htm

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I find myself to be a very weak person in mind, heart and spirit. I tent to get tempted daily so it is hard to endure sometimes. If I do not ask in prayer for the strength to overcome these temptation, I will lose my way and walk a stray path. I do not have the strength to be strong nor do I have the strength to change, if it not for the power of our LORD that gives me the ability to do so. I thank our LORD, that I was able to be born again in spirit and become a new person thew HIM and HE in me. So to be strong I must be weak, if I depend on my own strength I wouldn't have gotten very far. I praise our LORD, giving thanks for the strength and courage to carry on in every day life. I pray for strength and the power to endure when I am weak in mind, heart and spirit and always our LORD answers my prayer.  Do any of you out there have similar experience or feelings? please write, would love to hear about it.

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When understanding comes to a standstill and have no clue on how about to grow more mature in faith, What do you do? faith in action, taming the tongue, grace, forgive you enemies, trust, patience, slow to anger, and so on. All work in progress. It seems that I lack something, but I do not know what it is. dose anyone have any suggestions?    

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I feel that I am lead to share this story with CC community. Four years ago, I was bless with a job with full benefits which includes hearing the gospel preach through radio 8 hours a day. I was so happy. It just seems like nothing can be better than this. There were no complaints from my managers or co-workers about what was being taught on the radio. Although, I was struggling trying to make ends meet. I was indeed fulfilled by the countless hours of preaching that I get to hear from different pastors. That was the perks about the job. On the other hand, God began to use my department manager to mold me. Now, I called this "spriritual boot camp." Everything that I did bugged him. From cleaning my station to proper recycling. He is not open to learning new ways of doing things that will save time and money for the company. When I train others my technique. He would gives me a fit. There were many of my co-workers quit because they could not stand him. Some last for two weeks and quit. I cannot quit. Man, I knew that there's nothing I can do to lighten up the situation between him and for everyone. The man has so many burdens inside his heart. I usually pray before, during, and after work. I cannot stand the guy. The Lord is so good in keeping me humble and on my knees. I went and talked to Human Resource about the department manager. The owner of the company finds favor in me. But nothing happen. So, I decided to just submit fully to the Lord's training camp. I scream to the Lord so many times in the car during lunch break. One day, I prayed and bought him a vietnamese sandwich. I thought I was going to get chewed out by him again. As I ate with him at lunch. He actually allows me to pray with him and for him. So, after that day on. I knew that he liked the sandwich and bought him a few more. After 4 years later, I felt that my terms has to come to an end at that work place. God had called me to do something else. The company was very sad that I left. The manager was especially sad. I did gave him an inspirational book to read. Before I left for a break, a temp agency called me and I was very skeptical about the new career. The Lord told me to just go for it. I took a leap of faith going from a permanent position with everything to a temp position with nothing while there's a recession/depression going on with our economy. My parents was not thrilled. The temp agency made it very clear that it was only a temporary job. I was one of the temp to be interview and got accepted that same day. I work with about 10 other tempts. We all was aware that the company isn't hiring permanent. About almost 1 year later, both my wife and I had fast and pray about the position. We were just sick and tired of waiting for me to be permanent. The Lord use my parents and many people around me to really doubt my job and God. I stumble so much but when I stumble my wife and pastors pick me up. When my wife stumble, The Lord uses me and the pastors to pick her up. Couple of months down the road, alot of people quit to work for other company. They refer me to different companies but I did not feel that I was lead to go there. So, I turn them down. A year came by, my boss told me to just stay put that if my badge does not work. Just to call him and he will let me in the building. My boss actually submit my papers to HR for me to be permanant. But the Lord had me on hold for another 5 months. When the news about my permenency hits me. I was so numb, I couldn't feel a thing. Yes, the Lord showed up unexpectedly. Becasue there's a higher position that was open. After 15 months. All 8 tempts got layed off. The Lord promotes me onto a highler position in the company with full benefitsand another temp was with me. I did not know about the higher position but I remember applying for many position within the company. I wanted to let everyone know that no matter what you go through. Never lean on your own understanding. God never backs out on His promises. He is the same God in the old testament and new testament. No matter what news the world tells you. Confirm it with God first. He has great plans for everyone. You just need to surrender All you have to Him. Put Him first in your life. He will allow people to find favor in you no matter where you go. Thank you for taking time to read my testimony.

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Hello, I'm a new Christian beleiver, since 8/2008 me and my daugther have been going to Christian church.  i invite my husband but at first he did gave us a hard time, but as months gone by he got better, he had told me that we can go Christain church but don't invite him, he believe that in Cambodian their we was born that we should beleive in monk and attend the Cambodian buddist temple. I been praying for him and my daugther, she only attend just to attend, please if anyone can share or suggest what to do. God Bless,    

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"Many think that we should not read this book of Revelation because it is too hard to understand.  Some say, only theologians have the gift and understanding to interpret this book.  Some say, we shouldn't teach and preach in this book b/c it doesn't apply in our church or, it doesn't apply in our generation.  Some even say, the young as well as new believers shouldn't be taught in this book b/c they are not ready."Two questions:  When & How? 1.  When is how soon?  2.  How is in what way the message can be heard?