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The Name Above Every Name

Last April 13, I received a revelation from the Father.  This happened while I was in Los Angeles, California.  Remember that last year, I also received a revelation in L.A. that started on April 9, and every night after that, on the 10th, 11th, until the 12th; and now, a year later, on April 13.

The revelations I received in April last year were about delivering to the Kingdom riches and wealth, power to even raise the dead, and prestige, honor and fame.  In the revelation that I received on April 13, the Father told me, “This is the Day of the Lord.”  No explanation was given to me whatsoever what that meant.  That was all that the Father said. 

Many say that the Day of the Lord is Saturday.  Others say that the Day of the Lord is Sunday. But these are just shallow meanings of what the Day of the Lord is.  As the conduit of the Father here on this earth, the Appointed Son of God today, I understand what the Father meant when I heard His audible voice on April 13 telling me this.   

My receiving this revelation on April 13 this year is not a coincidence.  It is a continuation of those revelations that I received in April last year.  I do not know what it is about the day 13.  It was on September 13 that the Father told me that my public ministry was over.  Now, I received this on April 13.

As the Father has let me understand, the Day of the Lord is very important and significant for the Kingdom people and also for the whole world because whatever I say will be known all over the world.  It will be picked up and published either negatively or positively because it will be a global announcement.  

We may get negative publicity because the detractors of this ministry are not asleep.  They are very interested in the ministry of the Kingdom and of the Son as they were very interested in the ministry of the Son of God in the Jewish setting.  In those days, Jesus’ detractors did not sleep at all until they succeeded in crucifying Him.  They thought that His death on the cross was the end of Him.  They did not know that even in death, the Son of God is King. 

What is the Day of the Lord?

The Day of the Lord means that the days of man are over.   What are the days of man? The days of man are the days when man freely used his own will and disregarded the will of the Father.  Ever since man fell into sin by the disobedience of Adam and Eve, he was given grace to come back to the Father.  He was given levels of revelation to guide him on His way.  The Father gave man the blade faith (Catholicism), the stalk faith (Protestantism), the tassel faith (Pentecostal Trinitarianism), the corncob faith (Pentecostal Oneness); and the last ministry, the Kingdom ministry (The Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name).  The Father gave man the chance to come back to Him by his own initiative, but man wasted the time, until April 13 came and it was revealed to me that the Day of the Lord had come. 

The Father did not have to elaborate to me what this meant because when the Father speaks to me, He speaks to me very uniquely.  Sometimes all it would take is a wink of His eye and I would understand.   So when He said, ‘This is the Day of the Lord’, I knew exactly from His spirit within me what He meant.  From the spirit of the deep the Father sent this message to me and I went to the spirit of the deep, where I am, to understand exactly the message He was trying to convey to me.

The days of man are over. This means that man can no longer continue doing evil. The days of man were the days of grace.  During the days of grace, what did the people do to those who preach about righteousness, repentance and obedience like I do, and like the Son of God in the Jewish setting did?   Instead of accepting His message, they crucified Him although He came harmless as a dove.  They crucified Him because those were the days of man.

I came in the Gentile Setting bearing the same message that my Father brought.  Short of physically crucifying me because they could not do that anymore, they crucify me in the newspapers, on the radio, on TV, and on the Internet and on our text messaging system.  But the days of man are over.  This is the Day of the Lord!

What does the Father mean exactly when He says ‘This is the Day of the Lord’? The Day of the Lord means that because He is now sitting on the throne, man will give an accounting in these last days for whatever he does against the will of the Father.

The days of grace have ended.  During the days of grace, when you speak against the Father, He will let you alone and give you a chance to repent, but in Day of the Lord, if you speak against the Father, you may not live to see the light of day. You will be judged immediately because this is the Day of the Lord!

The Father is hastening the message that comes from Him through His Son through many, many means to tell the people to come because the door of the Ark is about to close.  The days of grace are about over.  What this means exactly is that the Day of the Lord is really a day of judgment.

This is very important!  I want you to listen to me! In the days of grace, when you malign the truth, it may take ten years before you are judged for it, before your leg is cut off for it.  The Father will give you ten years to repent.  Now in the Day of the Lord, when you malign the truth, you may find your leg cut off the next day, or it may be cut off right there and then. 

The Father has made me understand the enormity and the seriousness of what the Day of the Lord is.  He has shown me that the Day of the Lord really is the Day of Judgment—personally, collectively, nationally, and globally. Man, people, nations, groups, religions, all will be judged according to their reaction to the preaching of the Word of God through the Son, especially when I preach about repentance.  This is the serious business of the Father in the last days.   Do not continue with your foolishness because this is the Day of the Lord!

The Revelations of the Father’s Righteousness

People of the world listen to me! The Day of the Lord began on April 13.  He has appointed this day to judge the world and He cannot judge the world if there is no standard. The standard is His righteousness and the righteousness of the Father only comes when people have surrendered themselves to that standard of righteousness.

The standard of the Father is a far cry from the standard of denomination and religion because the standard of the Father in righteousness remains established and remains the same.  His truth will prevail.   His standard of righteousness in coming to Him with which He will judge the world is still the standard of repentance. Have you repented? Have you surrendered? You may think that you have already repented and surrendered because you have your own standard in Christian religion and denomination. 

But let me tell you the truth according to the revelation that I heard from the Father.  If you believe that you have already reached the standard of the Father because you say that you are already a Christian, then you should not be in your denomination anymore.   You should have gotten out already.  You should already be in the Kingdom because when you follow the righteousness of the Father, He will teach you and He will put you in the standard of His Kingdom.

Do not equate the Kingdom of God to just any religion or denomination because it is not any of that!  I have denominated your Christian denomination and religion and have explained them painstakingly to you with whiteboard illustrations.  And we have learned about the blade, the stalk, the tassel and the corncob ministries.  Where do you belong in this progressive revelation of the life of the seed?  And did you stay in that level of revelation? If you stayed in your denomination even when another revelation was already given, you will be left behind because the standard of righteousness will not stay there.  It will progress and leave you without your knowing it.

You must go with the progression of the revelation until you reach the summit of revelations. I tell you that the life that was first planted did not stay in the blade.  It did not stay in the stalk.  It did not stay in the tassel.  It did not stay in the corncob.  It went back to being the seed, the depository of the life of the first solitary seed that was planted on the ground.   The seed sprouted and returned as a seed, now not one but many. (John 12:24) 

When you reach the summit of revelations, you will find that the life of the seed has returned to the seed and that life is going to mature. 

When the seed has matured then life is obviously not found It is no longer in the blade because it has already dried up.  Nor is it in the stalk, or the tassel, and not in the corncob either.  You will notice that the whole plant has dried up because life has been deposited in the seed. That is when the harvest will come.

I am here for the harvest. I am here for the seed. That is why I can afford to take the blade for granted. I can afford to take the stalk for granted; I can afford to take the tassel for granted; I can afford to take the corncob for granted. Not because I am disrespectful to them but because they are not needed anymore.  They have outlived their use.  There is no need for any of them in the harvest.  In fact I will burn them all. So get out of those denominations now because they will all be burned down. 

Look at these denominations!  They are sputtering in their doctrines!  We have already received all the revelations and understood all things.  That is why they have all become irrelevant.  Yet they continue to push their way.  I tell you, do not go with them anymore!

Religion and denominations say, “Receive Jesus as your Personal Savior and that is enough!” If I do that, if I receive Jesus Christ because of the message that you preached to me, whom will I see in your religion?  Will I see Christ or will I see you?  Since you are making me receive Jesus Christ, then you must know where He is?

Where is He?  Since you cannot claim that you are the Son, then where is the Son?   You tell people, “Come to me!  Come to me!” but you cannot point to me where He is!  You are really a confused lot!  If you call the people to come to your denomination, then that means that Jesus Christ is there with you!  But when we go to your churches, we see no one there but chickens roosting on the rafters!

Those days are over! The days of man are over!  The days of opaque revelations are over!  The Father has revealed Himself so clearly in this ministry.  When I say He has appointed me to be His Son, that means that He is here living inside of me.  The words I speak unto you I speak not of myself but the Father that liveth in me.  Therefore, as the Appointed Son, I can say, “I am the way, I am the truth, I am life, no one goes to the Father but by me.” In this ministry it is very clear where the Son is!  I will point to myself as the Son!  The Son is here! 

The Day of the Lord is a day of judgment when all lies, all false doctrines, all false Christs will be judged. The false anointed ones who say that they have been sent will be judged.  Do not say that you have been sent when you have not because you will be exposed in these last days through your message.  The only message that the world should listen to is the message of the Appointed Son that says that all people should come back to the righteousness of God through repentance.  Let us repent; let us surrender to the will of the Father!

The Standard of Righteousness

The things that are happening today are incredible, so listen well! He has come to judge the world. And judgment has begun.  Judgment will happen all over the world—personally, collectively, and globally.  If a nation maligns the Kingdom and the Son, that nation will be shaken by earthquake.   Religion and denomination believe that the Father will sit on His throne and gather the nations to judge them.   No! No! No!  He will have a standard by which people will be judged.  Whether they have sided with the standard or not will determine the judgment that they will receive.  Whether they are goats or sheep will be determined by what they had done to the standard.
I am proclaiming to the whole world that I am the Father’s standard of judgment.  I am the Father’s standard of righteousness! Not my religion, not my denomination, I am!                           
The Father’s standard of righteousness, which is the Son in the Jewish setting, who is now the Father in the Gentile setting, has sent me as His Son in the Gentile setting.  The standard remains the same.
And so I am calling people to repent! To surrender to God!  Come to Him, sinners, surrender to the will of the Father or you will perish.
To surrender to the will of God was also the standard in the days of Noah. Noah was the standard bearer of God’s righteousness in his day. He was crying to the world to repent.

In the days of Lot, the Father did not have a standard of righteousness, so He just looked at the city and picked the most righteousness man from among all its inhabitants.  This is called relative righteousness.  It was not an absolute righteousness because absolute righteousness was not yet introduced to the world in those days. 

Relative righteousness meant that when the Father judges a city, He would not use His standard.  He will only look for the one who is the most righteous in the city.  Such righteousness then would not be according to the Father’s standard but according to the way that the people lived. 

Lot was the most righteousness among all of those inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, but his righteousness was not according to God’s righteousness.  When you compare His righteousness to the righteousness of God, Lot is still filthy. But because the Father could not find anyone more righteous than Lot, He had to base His standard of righteousness and salvation according to the best of them all.

If we compare this to cleanliness, it is like man’s standard of what is clean.  When I run my finger over a surface and I get no dust, I consider that to be clean.  What people consider to be clean is still dirty to me.  So if their cleanliness is measured against my cleanliness, they would not pass.  The cleanest person among them will not pass in my standard of what is clean.  Do you get what I mean?

Now in the last days, the righteousness of the Father is not relative; it is absolute.  The absolute righteousness of the Father is the righteousness of the Son.

The righteousness of the Son who was Jesus Christ in the Jewish setting and now the Father in the Gentile Setting introduced a New Testament that must be completed, to be the law of His people who are born again in the spirit. This law will be written in their heart and it will be written in their mind. 

Now, the Father is going to judge the world according to the standard of righteousness of the Son.  I cannot compare myself to the Father. He is absolute; I am relative to him.  If Jesus Christ my Father is the sun, I am the moon.  But all of the people that live in this planet earth today numbering about 7-8 billion will be judged according to the standard of the Father’s righteousness who is His appointed Son.

I say that I am relative to Him because I am not begotten, I am appointed. There is only one begotten Son, He that was begotten in the womb of Mary. 
I was begotten in the womb of Maria, I am the seed of my father physically.  My father’s name was Jose and my mother’s name was Maria.  I am not begotten of a Holy Father like my Father Jesus Christ was begotten.  He had no earthly father but was begotten by the Holy Spirit.  But my spirit came from Jesus Christ. I am His Son in the spirit. I am born from the spirit of my Father.
Let’s take Joma Sison, the communist leader here in the Philippines, as an example.  His father in the spirit is Mao Tse Tung because he follows the teaching of Mao.   My father in the spirit is Jesus Christ because I follow His teaching.   If Joma is a die-hard communist, I am a die-hard Jesus Christ doctrinaire.   His spirit dwells within me.  That is who I am and you cannot change that.  You cannot change me.  Temptation cannot change me.  Flesh cannot change me.  Relatives cannot change me either.  Money? What will I do with money? Nothing can change my obedience to the Father.  You can put me wherever you want—behind bars, in a palace, or in a spider web where I cannot move—still you cannot change me.  This is who I am.  This is my nature.  This is the Son.
That is why the Son was given the full trust of the Father.  To the Son was given power even to raise the dead.  When this power comes to full effect, I can even raise the physical dead to life.  But raising the dead to life is not the greatest miracle.  The biggest miracle is when you are spiritually dead and you are raised up alive spiritually by the Words of the Father through the Son and you become like me, you become a son of God. 
If you become die-hard like me, nothing can turn your head from the Father.  I am hardheaded for the Father.  While I can kick Satan’s face in, some people are afraid to speak against the devil.  They make a promise out loud to be good but are immediately worried that Satan might hear them and try them.  They are afraid because the devil is still their father.  Here in the Kingdom, Lucifer or Satan has no more power!  In the Kingdom, the Father, Jesus Christ, is the most powerful of all!

The Completion of Salvation

The Day of the Lord means that the Father is now sitting on the throne. The reign of the Father through the Son that began in the year 2000 and the transition that took place, which is five years up to April 13, 2005, is now complete.  He has matured His Son to dwell among His people to give them the laws of the Father. 

1 Corinthians 6:2 says, “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?”

The saints are going to judge the world. When you have a spirit within you that comes from the Father that is when you become a saint. You are not made a saint because the Pope canonizes you. No! No! No! You are made into a saint when you repent.  The day when the saints will judge the world has begun.  

Did you know that I asked the Holy Father about the Pope? I asked, “Father in heaven, when the pope faces you in judgment, how will it be?”  And the Father answered saying, “He is going to be judged like a man, an ordinary man.  In judgment, the standard of righteousness that will be used against the smallest individual in this world will always be the standard of righteousness that will be used against anyone in the world. What is good for the pope is good for you, is good for anyone.” 

We will all stand in judgment. In judgment there will be no pope; there will be no king.  There is only one Holy Father.   There is only one King. His name is Jesus Christ. And He is going to reign in us through His Son.

Why is it always through His Son?  The Father always does things through His Son because in the Kingdom, it is not like the denominations where you receive the Father but cannot find Him. Here in the Kingdom, if you look for the Father, you will find Him.  He is here inside of me. But if you want to see the Father, you must pass through me first. 

Does anyone claim to be the Son in the denominations and religions?  These people malign me because none of them can claim to be the Son.    As the Son, I can show you to the Father.  If you seek the Father, I will introduce Him to you.

I will not be vague about my Father.  I am the residence of the Father.  He lives in me and He has sent me into the world and told me, “Son, preach my message. Give the world a chance to receive my message once again.”

That is why I am here today.  I am His Son. Join me and I will tell you what pleases Him.

The number one thing that pleases the Father is when you surrender and repent and have a new spirit of obedience to the will of the Father. When you have that spirit, you are set free from the tentacles of sin and Satan.   And you will have a new King, He who created you in the first place.  

Revelation 20:4, “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and [I saw] the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received [his] mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

The Hope of Salvation

Many will be awakened by my message. Thank the Father that you are one of those who have already been awakened.  If you awaken only when I am no longer here, you will wake up to tribulation.  The Great Tribulation will come after the Son and the Kingdom ministry is over and my message will be your only hope.  If you reviled the message of the Son you may be given a chance later on to believe in it in the Great Tribulation.  That is if you have not already been judged now that it is the Day of the Lord. 

Judgment has begun for the blasphemers.  The blasphemers are number one in the list of those who will receive the judgment in the end times. But those who revile the Son because of ignorance will be given a chance in the Great Tribulation that will ensue after this period. So what harvest do you want to be part of—the harvest today or the harvest in the Great Tribulation? 

Many, many Christians will join me after the Great Tribulation because that is only when they will wake up and say, “Ah! All that Pastor had said is true!” 

The Jews have not awakened to the truth until now.  Christians are like them.  We receive Him, adore Him, and are so religious in following Him but we have also failed to receive His message of repentance.  That makes our worship unacceptable to the Father.  We are like the Jewish people who were devoted to what they received from Moses, but they failed to receive the new spirit because they did not repent. 

Receiving the new spirit was supposed to complete the Jews’ salvation.  It is the same in the Gentile setting.  You may be a Christian who is devoted to the Father; you have a crucifix on your breast, or in your pocket, and you pray to Him all the time but you too have failed to receive His message. 

What is important is the message of the Son.  What is most important is repentance, is coming back to Him, is surrendering, is doing His will and dedicating your life in doing His will.  This is the Day of the Lord. Whatever the Father says will happen because this is His day.

The judgment will include everyone—the righteous dead, the wicked dead, the living and the dead. He has already appointed the day. I am not talking about the great day of the White Throne Judgment.  I am talking about the appointed day like He appointed a day in the days of Noah.  In Noah’s time, the days of man were 120 days, but after 120 days, it was no longer the day of man. It was the Day of the Lord.

Sodom and Gomorra was only given one day.  Two angels were sent to Sodom and Gomorra to look at the wickedness of the two cities and to confirm to God if the cry against the wickedness that came up to His throne was true.  When the angels had confirmed the cities’ wickedness, the day of man for Sodom and Gomorra ended and they did not know it.   The Day of the Lord came immediately the next day.  In this age, the day of the Lord begun on April 13. 

People of God in the Kingdom right now, blessed are you because the Day of the Lord has come and you have been made ready.  If you are outside of the Kingdom and you still want to come in, you have to force yourself in!   The days of tolerance to foolishness have ended!  The day appointed has come for the persecutors and the maligners!  To enter the Kingdom now, you must become righteous!

The Father loves righteousness, but you have given him nothing but foolishness.  You do not even listen to my message when my message is very clear!  I am calling you to surrender. What is wrong with that? Come and surrender!  Let us serve the Lord sincerely!  Let us obey Him!  But you do not like my message because you still want to follow your own will.  You say, “It is still my day!  My will be done!”

The Book of Remembrance

Listen!  The day of man is over. This is the Day of the Lord!  It is the day when a book of remembrance for the righteous will be written.  So make sure that you have a good record if you are with me today.  You must have the perception that when the New Testament was not yet written, the twelve apostles were living their life with Jesus Christ.  Now, we see their lives in written form.  Judas, in the time of Jesus, must have had some good records also, but now, as we read about him, we detest him because he betrayed Jesus Christ.   We live our life with the Son in these last days, and one day, people will be reading about us in the Book of Fulfillment of the New Testament. 

The fulfillment happened in the life of the Son who is a descendant of the fallen Adamic race.  Finally, salvation is completed in us, notwithstanding our descent as Jews or a Gentile. Man, who had fallen into sin, has finally received his complete redemption by he who was appointed by the Father to be born in His spirit.  He was sent into the world as a real bona fide Son of the Father in the spirit.

This is fulfilled today and so, a book of remembrance will be written about you faithful, loyal children of God.

Malachi 3:16, “Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.”

So what is the record of your life?  You may come to regret your smallest disobedience when the day comes.  You might say, “Oh no!  My disobedience was recorded!”  That will be read in eternity.  But if your record is like the Son of God who was faithful in sacrifices, in suffering, in cross-bearing, in burden-sharing, in fruit-bearing, in every aspect of Kingdom life, many people will read about you. You will be a hero in the Kingdom. 

Do you know who records our life?  The angels do.  Each one of you has a guardian angel to record your life.

Genesis 18:20, “And the Lord said, because the cry of Sodom and Gomorra is great and because their sin is very grievous, I will go down now and see whether they have done all together according to the cry of it which is come unto and if not I will know.”

Every deed of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah was recorded by the angels and presented to the Lord.  The same thing will happen in the world today.  So this fact ought to sober us and help us to realize the seriousness of our life ministry in the Kingdom. Not only for the people in the Kingdom but especially for the people who are outside of the Kingdom. 

The rule of judgment in the last days is whether you have repented or not and whether you have become a child of God or not. Do not complain against the will of the Father even when it means death.   None of you have yet been asked to die for obedience sake, but you are already murmuring about your pledges!  Every murmur you make is recorded by the angels:  murmur number one, murmur number two, disobedience number one, and disobedience number two.  This will be presented to you, and the rule in judgment will be: Are you really a child of God? The rule of the child of God is righteousness in the Son. The Son went to the cross without complaint.  He lost not only His money, but He lost His life. He did not only lose His relatives, but He lost everything.  But as the Son who is the rule of the standard of righteousness, He did not complain but said, “Not my will but Thy will be done!” 

This is the standard in the Kingdom: Not my will but your will be done!  

The Way to Calvary

Who among you have passed your Calvary?  Your model here was in Calvary for five years. Did I pass? Yes, I did and I did so with flying colors!  Now I am here being sent. A time will come when your Calvary will end.  It is up to you whether you pass it or not.  If you are still going up the hill that means that you are still carrying your cross.  At this point you are feeling the pain and the burden. Your mind is telling you, “Will I endure this or not? I do not know if I can!”  Many of you are still in that level.

Do you want to know how it feels to be nailed to the cross?  You feel that you can do something but you feel powerless!    When you are surrendered to the will of the Father, you have the power to do something but you can do nothing!    You may say, “Oh, but I can do something! I can leave!”

If you are fully surrendered to the will of God, you will not say that, but you will say, “I accept that I can do nothing!” 

After you have been nailed to the cross, you will be hoisted up.  You will be made a laughing stock!   You will be persecuted! And it will be very painful!  When you feel the pain that means that you are truly nailed and hanging on the cross! And on the side, you have friends who are playing the role of Caiaphas, former friends whom you have nailed to the cross with your sins.   And they will taunt you, “You see?  If you had not served Quiboloy, you would not go through this!”  They will laugh at you and that is a bitter pill to swallow!  And you cannot even blink an eye! And you are hanging there on the cross not because of something that you had done, but because you are obeying the will of God.

Are you feeling the pain in following the will of the Father? The question now while you are on the way is whether you will pass it or not because temptation will be at its height when you are in the will of the Father and when you are surrendered completely to His will.  This will be especially difficult when you are carrying your cross and are nailed there.   But when you feel that you can do nothing that means that you have truly been crucified!  It is when you still have power to decide for yourself, as when you say, “I will take a rest, I will not give my pledges for now,” it means that you are still alive to your own will. 

In the Kingdom, everything will be taken from you!  You will be stripped naked, your business may go bankrupt, and you will offer even your life!  You will be laughed at, you will carry your cross and nailed to it, you will wear your crown of thorns, and you can do nothing about it until your breath stops, and you resign to the complete will of the Father.  This process will go on until you lose your life completely.  You will have no control over your life until you breathe your last breath.  And when you feel no more pain whatever is done to you, that means that the Father’s will has been completed in you! 

I am dead to the pain of the world in my complete surrender to the will of the Father.  The world can do whatever the world chooses to do to me, and I will feel nothing.  Have you seen a dead body get mad when you make fun of it?   Have you seen a dead man open his eyes and angrily say, “Stop that or I will haunt you!”  You see nothing of that sort because a dead man is dead and he feels nothing anymore.   You will feel the same way when you are fully urrendered.  You do not feel pride overwhelming you.  You do not feel the pain of persecution.  The world can do anything to you and you will not feel it.   The sneers, the criticism behind your back, will be nothing to you!  You are dead to the world but alive in obedience!  You are dead to the pain inflicted by the world and you cannot feel it anymore.  You are dead on the cross.  You have finally completed the course of Calvary in following the will of the Father. You are now a true bona fide, diehard son of God.

And the world will see that you are dead because you are not responding to their sneers anymore.  Then after a while, you will rise up again in newness of life with power and authority, like your Pastor did!

Jesus Christ, our Father rose again on the third day having the keys of hell with power and authority. You will live in the physical world with power and  authority. Persecution will be nothing to you because you have already passed it!  I finished the course of Calvary in five years!  That is why I say I am your model!  I trust that all of you will come to where I am.  I died in following the will of the Father. Now I am alive in victory, in power, and authority over all these elements that put me down and I am doing the complete will of the Father for the salvation of many.  That should be your life also.  That is how the child of God must be who follows the Son in the last days.

Everybody  will be weighed in the last days---personally, collectively, globally, nationally. The Philippines will be weighed according to this ministry. The world will be weighed according to this ministry. Groups, religions and denominations will be weighed according to this Kingdom ministry and their judgment will depend on their reaction to my message.
I am going to reveal a surprising thing to you.  Many Catholics will be taken and made children of the Kingdom.  Many of those who call themselves born-again are those who will not be able to enter into the Kingdom of God because of their self-righteousness!  Their pride is so high!   They really believe that they are already saved.  That is why they are the ones who malign us.  But the children of God who are sincere among the Catholics will be the bulk of the Kingdom children that will be born again in the spirit.

Those of you who believe they are born again in the spirit, those of you who keep persecuting Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, pity on you!  You are being weighed in the balances even right now!  The Jesus is Lord ministry is being weighed even now!  You are like chaff!  You are shallow!  You are lightweight!  Only a few of you will be saved! 

There is value in devotion and sincerity that is why I respect the devotion of the Catholics.   Although they are still sadly lacking, the majority of those who will repent will be taken from them and put in the Kingdom ministry.  But these so-called born-again Christians! You are so sorely lacking!  Those who are in the group of (Ely) Soriano and (Art) Ferriol, there is no more hope in the ministry of Soriano and Ferriol!  If you remain there, you will be judged!  Your leaders have already been judged on February 5, 2005.

Members of  Soriano and Ferriol, if you want to be saved, get out of those groups!  There is no more hope in the group of Soriano and Ferriol!  Judgment has been pronounced on February 5!  If you love your soul, you’d better get out of there!  If you do not believe in what I am saying, pray to the Father. If you are sincere, ask Him if what I am saying is true. 

I am addressing the JIL group here in the Philippines; you are being weighed in the balances right now.  Pray that many will be saved among you.  And when you pray, pray with all of your heart!  Do not be loyal to your denomination or to your system!  If you do not believe what I am saying right now, pray hard! Go to the place where you want to pray.  If you do not want to go to the Prayer Mountain in Tamayong, look for a secret place and be serious as you have never been serious before and ask the Father, “Father, is what Pastor Quiboloy saying true?  Is he Your Son?  Is he telling the truth?”  And the Father will reveal it to you in many different ways.  He will guide you on your way.

All of you throughout the world, listen because you are being weighed in these last days today. Hallelujah!  

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